Windows: Edinburgh Castle

edinburgh-castle-windowIt’s about time I started another photography theme, and the next one I’ve chosen is ‘Windows’.
This one is in the Royal Apartments at Edinburgh Castle, in the tiny room where, on 19th June 1566, Mary Queen of Scots gave birth to her son, the future James VI and I.
More about Edinburgh Castle at or you can read about St Margaret’s Chapel on The Hazel Tree
Image © Jo Woolf

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  • Cornell

    First time when I have read ‘James VI and I’ was a bit confusing. I have searched on the Internet and I discovered this King was the 6th of Scotland and First of Scotland and Ireland. Now this is interesting.

    • Jo Woolf

      I should have explained that a bit better, Cornell. But you are right – and there’s so much history there! And if you remember my post on the Battle of Culloden: Bonnie Prince Charlie, for whom so many Jacobite soldiers died, was the great-great-grandson of James VI and I.

  • mia

    P.S. after he inherited the crown & court of England, he only went back 2 Scotland once. His mother, I can’t remember where she was buried, but believe by then he found out she had not abandoned him, had her moved 2 Westminister Abbey & adorned her resting place, as fine as Elizabeths

  • Jim Rule

    Jo: If you haven’t discovered, visit the Queens Arms pub at Thistle & Frederick Sts. in Edinburgh. Was wandering the area on a Sunday morning a few years ago, looked up and saw etched in beautiful Glasgow script on a long wall: “Rue not my Death; rejoice at my Repose. It is no Death for me but to my Woes. The Bud is opened to let out the Rose; the Chain was loosed to let the Captive go.” A staggering message on a Sunday morning. Went to the corner to discover it was the Queens Arms Pub. Learned that it was a poem written by a Jesuit priest, Robt. Southwell, who was later beheaded by Elizabeth I, Mary’s 1st cousin. Went through the beautiful Art Nouveau glass front doors and ate, drank and merried best I could….and pondered the sad lessons history teaches.

    • Jo Woolf

      What lovely words! Thank you very much for sharing that. I shall have to take a look for myself! I’d never heard of Robert Southwell. His words are quite prophetic in view of his demise.

    • Jo Woolf

      Thank you, Lorna! When we went round the Castle, this little room and its history really struck me, so I thought it was a good place to start! Glad you like the idea – will be posting another soon.

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