Windows: Dunfermline Abbey

The third in my photo-series is this beautiful stained glass window by Douglas Strachan in the old nave of Dunfermline Abbey.
It was commissioned in 1916 by the famous Dunfermline-born businessman Andrew Carnegie in memory of his parents, William Carnegie and Margaret Morrison.
The image symbolises the dawn of a new age, and features a red-robed poet or seer sitting on the ramparts of a ruined fortress, gazing over a city towards distant hills that are lit by the rays of sunrise.  Above him, two female figures representing East and West are meeting in peace, beneath the encircling wings of an angel.   A banner in gold script (about a third of the way down) reads:  “The work of righteousness shall be peace and the effect of righteousness quietness and assurance for ever.”
The colours are stunning, blending richness with subtlety.   The window is set within the wonderful architecture of David I’s 12th century abbey church.
You can read more about Dunfermline Abbey here on The Hazel Tree.
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