Windows: Culross Palace

Ornate dormer windows in the top rooms of Culross Palace, once the opulent family home of Sir George Bruce (c.1550-1625).  Bruce was an innovator, devising new methods of mining coal under the sea bed, and from this he made his fortune.
Culross Palace was roofed with hand-made pantiles, imported from the Low Countries.  The brisk trade between the Netherlands and coastal towns of Eastern Scotland at that time helps to explain the large number of distinctive red-roofed buildings in the ‘East Neuk’ of Fife.  The crow-stepped gables (also visible in the picture) were copied from Dutch buildings – as well as being decorative, they helped to prevent the roof being lifted by the wind.
You can read more about Culross Palace here on The Hazel Tree.
Images © Jo Woolf


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