Purdey’s how-to video: putting small things under chairs

Purdey cropI’ve often wondered why some chairs have a gap beneath them, and now I know.  It’s for one simple reason:  so that you can shove small things under there and then squirm around trying to get them out.

I’m sharing this recent video in the hope that you, too, might try this exciting pastime.   It’s great for rainy days, or those annoying occasions when your local vole population has gone off to watch a Rolling Stones concert.

Please note that it’s important to be fully prepared, with your face and whiskers washed and your mind invigorated.   It’s also useful to have a butler equipped with a long metal ruler to retrieve the small items which inevitably end up beyond a paw’s reach.  If you don’t have a butler, your everyday servant will probably suffice.

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  • Diana Vandiviere

    This is such an irresistible feline, don’t know HOW you can stand it! Like you, I have much experience in floor crawling, using common household tools to retrieve items from under couches, chests, etc., just so I can go through the whole process again, ’til the cat tires of it. Well-trained, I am! I also, like you, talk to my cats, and they know MANY words & phrases, not all repeatable, so glad they don’t! In brief, Purdey is a lovey!

    • Jo Woolf

      Haha, I know, Diana, and even more to the point, Purdey knows she’s irresistible too! I sometimes wonder how I ever do any work. I’m so glad to hear I’m not the only one who crawls around looking for small objects under sofas. Like you, I’m well trained. And yes, it’s surprising how many phrases she knows! I will pass on your adoring comments! 🙂

  • ordinarygood

    The small objects that went under the piano were tricky! We have a long plastic “thing” off a blind that was in high demand when we had two lively cats batting all manner of things under chairs, piano and fridge. I loved the attention to cleanliness before one began any exercise! BTW is it your lovely voice and laughter Jo?

    • Jo Woolf

      I can only imagine! She likes fir cones too but they don’t roll quite as well on the carpet. Ping pong balls do, though! And for about a year she had an unidentifiable piece of rubber that she had found on Colin’s desk, which we called her ‘precious’, before it fell apart. Yes, nothing comes before a good face wash! And that’s me! 🙂

  • ordinarygood

    PeeGee adored a rolled up piece of tinfoil to bat all about the place. We found innumerable balls in all manner of places at times….good simple fun. I am laughing about the unidentifiable piece of rubber!!! Lovely to hear you.
    And I note your lounge furniture seems unscathed by cat claws- well done on that!

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