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A new children’s book

Sometimes ideas come to you in the funniest ways. About five years ago, I took a photo of Clyde, our beloved ginger cat, and sent it to the girls. We all loved the expression on his face, as if some happy thought had just occurred to him. I always used to call him my lion, and an idea popped into my mind: the All-seeing Golden Lion of Dalriada.

And so a story came about. A lion, living in a hilltop fortress, finding himself in a rather lonely predicament, and roaring occasionally at the top of his voice to see if someone will come and help him. And lots of creatures do come to help him: mountain hares, roe deer, two otters, a golden eagle. They all inhabit the part-real, part-mythical landscape of Dalriada.

I always dreamed that some day, The All-seeing Golden Lion would materialise as a book. Over the last year, Colin has helped to make that happen. The illustrations that he’s created give it life and magic. We’re very nearly at the point where the book can be sent to print.

I’m thrilled beyond words to see this book taking shape, and I hope that you will love it too.

From the back cover:

The last lion of the kingdom lives in a ruined hilltop palace, and he is always lonely. In every season, he calls on the animals who live in the mountains, the forests and the sea to come and help him. They do their best – but is he testing their patience too much?

This story, which is a cross between a fairy tale and a fable, is based around a real place – a hill fort in Argyll which was once the seat of kings. It’s surrounded by Moine Mhor, the Great Moss, and through it the River Add winds its way to the sea. Close by are ancient woods of oak and hazel, while to the north-east rises the mountain of Ben Cruachan.  The animals who live in this wild environment mingle with elements of folklore and pure fantasy.

‘The All-seeing Golden Lion of Dalriada’ can be pre-ordered via Colin’s website.  It is £20 including postage to UK addresses (please contact us direct for overseas orders).  We anticipate having copies available by the middle of May.

In addition, we’re offering the original illustrations for sale.  Each will come with one copy of the book.  They are being released in two batches – the first batch of watercolours can be viewed here, and pencil drawing here.  A second batch of illustrations will be released via Colin’s website on 10th April.



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