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A festival of fungi

DS1_0945It’s a great season for fungi – we’ve had a warm summer, followed by a damp, mild autumn.   These specimens, ranging from the magnificent to the seriously weird, were all photographed in the woodlands of Perthshire last week, under a mixture of birch, beech and oak trees, and some of the tallest Douglas firs I’ve ever seen.   The river is the Braan, which runs through a wooded gorge to the south-west of Dunkeld.

I’m no expert on fungi so it would be silly to try and name them – but if you can identify any, please feel free to add your comments below!    I’ll mix in a couple of scenic shots and other details to give a sense of the wonderful landscape.

All photos copyright © Colin Woolf.  Taken in the Hermitage woods, Perthshire.


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