Purdey’s brush with the paranormal

Purdey cropThere’s an old Scottish legend that speaks about the Cait Sith (pronounced ‘caught shee‘), a witch in the form of a terrifying wild cat who roams the Highlands and is capable of appearing and disappearing at will.

The Cait Sith is supposed to be the size of a large dog, and she is pure black except for a white mark on her chest.  She spells doom to all who cross her path.

Do you believe this kind of rubbish?   I’m sure I don’t.   The things that really make my fur stand on end are the hoover and the floor mop… oh, and that memorable time when Verity dressed up in a long black cloak at Hallowe’en and crept up on me in the dark.   I still haven’t forgotten that!

Yesterday while I was on my purry cushion I was dreaming of how I might appear, if I decided to transform myself into a Cait Sith…

Poochcat2I don’t know if it was the bright moon playing tricks with my whiskers, but later that evening my attention was drawn to the darkened hallway, where I was sure I caught the sound of footsteps going up the stairs.   I plopped off my purry cushion and went to investigate.   Coming from the landing was a soft rustling noise, and as I watched, the top stairs were lit by a faint, eerie glow.

Luckily, this phenomenon was captured on video.   I’m awaiting a call from the Most Haunted team, but meanwhile I am going to share it with you… watch it if you dare!


    • Jo Woolf

      Yes, Purdey had them too! In fact, I was getting creeped out myself, and I was the one with the camera… oops, probably shouldn’t have said that…

  • Sansom Wedding Photography

    Aww Purdey I’m sorry if I’m why you have bad dreams now! I promise this Halloween there will be no scaring!
    The first time I saw Purdey in the video scared me quite a bit! Its really good! Can’t wait to dress little Angel up!

    • Jo Woolf

      Purdey says she’s glad to know that. She remembers that it took quite a while for her tail to go back down to normal. Haha, did the video really scare you??! (Angel, you don’t know what’s going to hit you!!) I’m looking forward to your offerings!

  • ordinarygood

    Jazz sends purrs of reassurance to the much younger Purdey from his current sleeping spot in a Hush Puppies shoebox!!!! Jazz has been on house arrest for 8 weeks due a slipped disc in his back – who knew? He has regained the key to the door and has been all over his vast estate making sure there are NO interlopers what so ever….ghosts included. However his nursing team are being strict on long periods of recuperation in the comfort of home and any night excursions are a thing of the past.

    Great video capture Jo and due to my agedness I now realise the light was not that of a torch but the moonlight being affected by clouds! D’uh! Nice work!!

    • Jo Woolf

      Oh dear, poor Jazz – that sounds painful. I wonder how on earth he managed to do that? We wish him a speedy recovery. Will he be allowed out again afterwards?

      Purdey has just chased a fir cone all around the landing, the bedroom (and the bed) and now gone back out for more fresh air. I’m glad you liked her video! Yes, of course, it was moonlight (cough!) and the scudding clouds casting shadows against the moon.

      • ordinarygood

        The lovely lady vet suggested that Jazz had been lifting heavy boxes. Lol! He was very sore 8 weeks ago but he is looking much, much better now thank goodness. We think he just twisted his back or tried to leap very high. He has some arthritis in his lower spine so is no longer up for pine cone chasing. I do remember those days.
        Apart from the arthritis and a little bit of kidney degeneration he is in good health for a nearly 15 year old:-)

      • Jo Woolf

        Poor little Jazz!! He is doing well for his age. It does make you wonder what they get up to when they’re not at home. Purdey came in the other day, very bushy and scared, and seemed just to want to sit quietly for a while – but we couldn’t see anything wrong. After a sleep she was fine. It’s her curiosity that is her downfall, I think! If I knew what she got up to, I’m sure I’d never sleep.

  • christinelaennec

    Oh that was funny! We play hide-and-seek with our Tilly on the stairs – though never before with a camera and a torch. Lovely photo of Purdey with sheepy curls. Is she named after Purdey in the Avengers? (sorry if there is an FAQ section somewhere with the answer)

    • Jo Woolf

      Thank you, Christine! 🙂 Purdey can’t resist a game of hide and seek. She even scares me sometimes when I peep round and see her! Yes, you’re right – she is named after her namesake in the Avengers. I don’t have an FAQ section – that’s an idea, though!

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